Our primary aim is to promote new, expanding small enterprises and small businesses with  very favourable discounted rents. We also provide infrastructure and technical help. We gradually increase the rents and in 5 years we charge the market prices giving enough time to strengthen the businesses to be able to operate under real market conditions. Following this these businesses leave giving space to new enterprises.

We accept applications from the manufacturer and service sector,  and primarily businesses and small enterprises using  innovative and high technology.    

You can download your application or hand it in person.

Please consider the following when choosing from the available rooms:

·        your need  for electricity, water or gas ,

·        that it fulfils the legal requirements to operate your business,

·        that your activity is not disturbing  for the other workshops, offices,

·        please indicate more than one choices on your application form.

The principles of fee establishing:


We apply the current market fees (current market fees are based on the local council’s common practice), that is at present 9.000 - 14.500 Ft/m2 + VAT/year. We give reductions from this depending on when the enterprise was set up:

Within one year 25%,
Between year 1-2  20%,
Between 2-3  15%,
Between 3-4  10%

Surcharge: After five years we apply the following surcharges:

Between 5-6  10%
Between 6-7  20%
Between 7-8  30%

Security deposit: 3 months net rental fee.

The following documents are needed to draw up the contract:

- Certificate by the Court of Registry or licence of business,
- Specimen of signature,

- Bank account number
- Tax  number

Utility bills are paid individually as follows:

Heating: - by square meter,

Telephone: -  metered individually,

Electricity: - metered individually,

Water: -  for the public amenities it is calculated by the square meter. For bigger needs a meter has to be installed.

Waste collection: - only household waste can be disposed in the bins. The fee for this is calculated by the square meter. Any other extra needs have to be dealt individually by the tenant (e.g.: industrial waste, etc.).

We apply a 20% surcharge on utility bills to meet the cost of maintenance, so tenants do not need to pay for that.

Application processing:

If you wish to apply, fill out the application form and hand it in to us as soon as possible. We  notify you within 30 days. The final decision is made by the Incubator House Committee of the PRIMOM Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Foundation for Promoting Enterprises,   Incubator House and Innovation Centre .

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