What does the Incubator house have on offer?

The Incubator house gives an opportunity primary to those innovative enterprises that at present:

  • do not have their own workshop and/or office
  • do not have their own technical and communicational equipment,
  • do not have practice in business life, and can not yet employ experts, specialists from their income
  • and for those foreign enterprises that want to invest in the region, and want to get to know the local possibilities with adequate background.

Available services without any charge:

- 24-hour porter servic

- parking space,

- post on site

-taking and forwarding messages

- public rooms,

- social rooms,

- watching applications

Available services for surcharge:

- renting offices, workshops

- renting meeting rooms

- renting furniture

- telephone/extensions,

- office services,

- Internet,

- renting technical equipment (overhead projector, amplifying system, TV, projector, etc.).

Other services of the Incubator house:

- business advising,

- legal advising,

- marketing advising,

- training of entrepreneurs

- accounting,

- business plan making

-applying for credits,

- writing applications,

- mechanical advising,

- innovation advising,

- managing inventions,

- organising exhibitions

- organising any other events

Who is the Incubator house for?

For those whose enterprises are to develop, but for a short time they need some support,, “incubation”.

Why is it good for the entrepreneur?

• He does not need to buy his own technical equipment in the beginning but he can use all the office requisites of the Incubator house.
• He can try himself and his ideas with less risk involved.
• He gradually gets used to the conditions of the market and becomes more and more competitive.
• He can establish the aim and directions of his enterprise.

There are further details about the services and rents of the Incubator house on our web page. You can click here for Incubator house/Rental fees and Incubator house/Services and with the downloaded booking forms you can already apply.