The PRIMOM Foundation for Promoting Enterprises is an important element in improving  and strengthening county and international economic relations. The Foundation was established as an initiative of the County Council on 22 August 1990 as the very first non-profit foundation  in Hungary for promoting enterprises.

The aim of the Foundation

Its aim is the economic development of  "Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, primary through establishing and  promoting an enterprise-friendly system in the region with the help of national and international resources wherever possible.

The PRIMOM Foundation carries out its aims with the support of the European Union’s PHARE programme and it became one of the most important organisation of the national network of the local enterprise centres.

The PRIMOM Foundation is multifunctional. From 1991 onwards it organises trainings, does  counselling and runs an Incubator house and Innovation Centre. From 1992 there is the microcredit division which gives support, credit to several hundred enterprises. The Foundation initiated and managed several agricultural, industrial programmes  Its international connections (English, Belgian and  Flamish) and its Euro Info Centre running since 1999 can accelerate the economic development in the county, and makes it possible for the Foundation to become one important economic centre in the region.

The Foundation’ s full name:    ”PRIMIOM” Foundation for  Promoting Enterprises in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, Enterprise Centre

Address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, 41 Váci Mihály str.

Telephone/fax/e-mail: 36-42/502-104; 36-42/502-133; Fax: 42/502-103;

General Manager: Kovács István

Established: 22 August 1990  (First in Hungary - but maybe in the whole Centre Eastern European region)

The aim of the Foundation: The economic development of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county through establishing and promoting an enterprise-friendly system in the region and to attract and then co-ordinate national and international resources into the region.

Legal status: Foundation (public organisation)

Founders: County Council, city councils, social structures, companies, small enterprises, parliamentary parties all together 17 organisations.

The PRIMOM Foundation has been working since 1991 with the support of the European Union’s PHARE programme, promoting small and medium enterprises.

The most important services of the Foundation:

1.The running of the Incubator house and Innovation Centre
2. Microcredit for small enterprises
3. Counselling and information network
4. Training, events for small and medium enterprises, exhibitions
5. Improving international relations in the county

·to ensure the necessary knowledge for inexperienced enterprises to stay on the market
to ensure experiences for successful enterprises to improve their businesses
special training for enterprises for the success of their businesses
·to transfer knowledge necessary  for potential enterprises to start their businesses 

Name of  the event Description Number of participants
“Vakáció” (vacation) 2000 V. International  Exhibition and Fair of Travel and Tourism As well as the travel agencies in the county the twin cities of Nyíregyháza introduced themselves too: Kaajani, Rzeszów, Presov, Kirjat Motzkin and Szatmárnémeti 52 exhibitor and approx. 10000 visitor
Conference on tourism in the Carpathian region Within the framework of  “Vakáció” (vacation) exhibition  talks  were given on how to develop  the region’s tourism  100 participants
Gastronomy Exhibition   With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Agricultural Marketing Centre there was the possibility for tasting different dishes made from native apple varieties 250 participants
Business Forum Szatmárnémeti Forum 30 Hungarian entrepreneurs
Híd 2000 (Bridge 2000) Meeting of Hungarian-Ukrainian businessmen A two-day event to build business opportunities between the two countries 20 Ukrainian and 40 Hungarian businessmen
Phare Credo- Hungarian-Ukrainian transborder programme for co-operation Opening conference, 6 days of  teamwork in workshops and the closing session resulted in the signature of a transborder co-operation programme. 20 Ukrainian, 10 Hungarian participants, working on 3 different projects
Phare Credo- Hungarian-Romanian transborder programme for co-operation Opening conference, 6 days of  teamwork in workshops and the closing session resulted in the signature of a transborder co-operation programme.  20 Romanian, 10 Hungarian participants, working on 3 different projects 


Education, Training
Name of the Training Description Number of Participants
Advice for Businessmen programme Within the interest free capital grant scheme of the County Job Centre training of entrepreneurship  for seven groups. (How to start a business?) 105

Education at  PRIMOM  Foundation from joining the PHARE programme up to date (number)
Year 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
Different Enterprise Trainings - the number of participants 194 280 312 334 285 323 221 224 105
Enterprises receiving direct educational- financial support (number) 22 45 61 60 60 - * -* -*  

* Direct financial support ceased to exist in 1997 in accordance with  the decision of the Hungarian Enterprise Promoting Foundation