The general description of the county

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county is situated in  the north-east part of Hungary. It is the third most  populous country, its population is almost  600,000. Its centre is Nyíregyháza with 120,000 inhabitants. It is only two and a half hours drive from Budapest.

The county is bordered with 3 countries: The Ukraine, Romania and the Slovakian Republic. It has very intense economical relations with the neighbouring regions of all these three countries.

There is more and more interest in the county from the business world, so as a result the county became one of the most important centres of the East-West trade business.

The economical description of the county:

There are only a few big  companies in the county, but there is a dynamic growth in the number of small and medium businesses.

The quality of soil is poorer than the country’s average, however, there are ideal climatic conditions for some crops, fruits and vegetables. Due to these endowments half of the apples are grown here, 70% of the tobacco and about 20% of all the potatoes grown in the country.

Záhony railway junction is the biggest  "land-port" in Eastern Europe. It has a very important role in developing the East-West economic relations with the independent states established from the former Soviet Union.

From Budapest the county can be reached on either road number 4 or on M3 motorway (the motorway will be built up to the Ukrainian border in the near future). There is a small airport in Nyíregyháza that is suitable to receive small planes.

Food industry is also quite dominant in the county.

Taking into consideration these general and economical features, and the will of people living here,  the county has all possibilities - together with the neighbouring countries -  to become a regional centre.