1n 1991 Nyíregyháza City and the PRIMOM Foundation won the former soviet barracks through tender to convert it and use it as an incubator house. The property is 11.000 m2, it is situated one and a half km from the city centre and two km-s from the railway station. It is very easily accessible, public transport is not ideal but reasonable. It is well-equipped with public utilities, and has more potentials. The buildings on the property were renovated in several phases, and there were new buildings built too. In phase I a two-storied office building (building A) was renovated and in phase II all the workshops were completed (C, D, H buildings).

The conversion of building "A"
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Before….. After…

merfoldko.gif (1748 bytes)In 1994 as phase III the conference room and the exhibition hall were built. The conference room is a 100 m2 and the exhibition hall is 200 m2. The hall is suitable for organising exhibitions, fairs, trainings, conferences etc. All these services are available for the tenants and other businesses in the county for reasonable prices. There is a club room in the loft which is ideal for team building and personal development training.

The conversion of the riding-hall
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The building of the conference room
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merfoldko.gif (1748 bytes)In August 1995 the PRIMOM Foundation applied for a grant written out by the Flemish government for developing incubator houses. After a very thorough evaluation and local survey the Foundation won the grant in February 1996. This Flemish financial support - together with the Hungarian Government’s regional development fund and PHARE resources - made it possible to build two new buildings. One of these has a restaurant in it and there are offices to let as well. The other building is named: Flamand Business Centre. There are 30 quality offices in this building together with a meeting room. The main purpose of this building is to attract companies from EU countries together with co-operating Hungarian businesses. The exclusive offices, the lift and the facilities for people with special needs all serve the comfort of the tenants.

Unió Restaurant

The conversions happened in different phases and were carried out in different capacities:

Name of the phase


The date of the hand-over

Net area (m2)



January 1992




July 1992








December 1997




Plan for construction

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